Frequently Asked Questions about Fullfillment Warehouse Service in America.

What Should I Do to Start E-Commerce in America ? How can I send my products to the intermediate warehouse in America ?

Although it may seem difficult to get started, it is very easy with Proshipus. By contacting our Warehouse Team, we will assist and guide you through the initial process and beyond, including platform integration and installation. In order to send your products to our warehouse without any problems, Proshipus supports you for your worldwide international shipping needs. We work with world-renowned and international logistics companies to ensure efficient and reliable deliveries.

Our order fulfillment process; It consists of several important steps, including receiving your inventory, processing the order, packaging, shipping and returns. Every step is carefully executed to ensure the order is fulfilled efficiently and accurately. Proshipus is a leading fulfillment service provider specializing in streamlining your order fulfillment process.

We offer a range of services to help your business run smoothly, including inventory management, order processing, shipping and returns processing.


How are return processes managed ?

One of the most frequently asked questions is what happens if orders are returned in Fulfillment services. Your product comes back to the Proshipus warehouse and you do not have to bear any extra logistics costs. The returned product is kept in the Proshipus warehouse. If a new order comes in, your product will be sent to the new buyer.

To receive Proshipus service, you can send your products in bulk to a warehouse abroad. Pronetwork takes care of all the remaining processes. Our fullfillment fees vary from product to product.

We offer safe and climate-controlled storage solutions to store your inventory. Proshipus warehouse is equipped to handle various types of products, including fragile and temperature-sensitive products.

Can I integrate my products into E-commerce platforms? How Do I Track My Inventory?

Yes; We offer seamless integration with a variety of ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce and more. This integration enables real-time order synchronization and inventory management. You can easily monitor your inventory levels in real time through our dashboard. You receive alerts for low stock levels and can restock as needed to avoid shortages.

Is it possible to integrate my products into more than one e-commerce site?

  Yes, our system allows you to integrate and manage multiple sales channels, including your website, marketplaces, and more, from a single control panel.

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