Let Proshipus Take Care of Your Sales and Your Order.

The first thing you need to sell all over the world is the correct storage of your products and good management of sales processes. In order to maximize your e-commerce, you need to choose your solution partner well in storage services. PROShipUs manages the American sales process of products coming from all countries of the world with its warehouse located in Miami Doral region. With its software-based warehouse management system, it serves to take the business of companies selling on platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and Shopify one step further. Cheap logistics service from Turkey to America. Product sales from Germany to America. Shipping products from Japan to the American Amazon warehouse and more.

What Does PROShip Offer You?

  • Get special rates from our shipping partners: FedEx, UPS, FEDEX, DHL and more.
  • You can sell your desired product on any platform in America.
  • Special shipping prices for your first shipment and special advantages for first storage.
  • You get instant pricing for storage.

PROShipUs warehouse is an e-commerce fulfillment solution center. We store and ship products on your behalf. In addition to online sales stores such as Amazon and Etsy, we support every seller who has their own brand e-commerce sales site such as Shopify. It is a warehouse located in the Miami / Doral region of Florida, United States of America.


E-commerce storage service is an operation business from A to Z. It may not be easy to find a solution partner that provides this service for all sectors, especially from a different continent. We can provide storage services for textile, cosmetics, food, household goods and many other products that are intended to be sold from different sectors. Colours, models, features and types are carefully sorted. It is not just a storage service, it covers the entire e-commerce process with its software infrastructure.

Our fulfillment services

  • Want to save yourself the hassle of managing a warehouse and logistics and focus on increasing your sales?
  • Then PROShipUS fulfilment is the right solution partner for you! Our full range of services are as follows;
  • Receiving your products, categorizing them and placing them on the shelves,
  • Entry of inventory into the system and continuous updating
  • Managing your orders through the method you choose,
  • Packaging your products, sending them to your customers and accepting returns and informing you,
  • Continuous updating of shipment and tracking details,
  • Creating and assembling kits and fulfilling your possible additional requests,
  • Order fulfillment from Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Ebay or Walmart has never been easier!
  • While working with PROShipUs cutting-edge software, you can have live access to your stocks, orders, invoices and cargo information 24/7.

We like to offer solutions for our customers in our Miami warehouse, USA. The best part of our job is to increase your sales, that’s why we don’t just offer receiving and packaging services. From wholesale orders to e-commerce orders, you can carry out the logistics of the pre-sales and post-sales stages of your business at the advantageous prices offered by PROShipUs.

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