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Order fulfillment refers to the process by which a retailer ships or delivers products requested by a customer. All details, from stock storage to warehouse management, selection and packaging processes, tracking processes, order updates and returns management, form part of the order fulfillment process. Order fulfillment plays an important role in completing e-commerce.

What is fulfillment in the retail industry?

Fulfillment in the retail industry; It is the process of collecting, preparing, packaging and delivering the products ordered by the customer. These processes also include sub-processes such as inventory management, warehouse operations, logistics, order processing and customer service.

Order fulfillment is crucial for retail businesses to ensure customer satisfaction, manage inventory control and ensure orders are processed efficiently.

What is Fulfillment Service in E-Commerce?

It refers to the process of receiving, processing and delivering customer orders for products sold online. This process involves a number of activities such as order processing, inventory management, product selection and packaging, and arranging their delivery to customers.

Customize your E-Commerce Fulfillment service!

Different products bring different order fulfillment options. Shipping of large or heavy items differs from the order processing of light items. If you sell high-priced products, your customers expect fast shipping times and special options. Therefore, you may need to customize your fulfillment service to suit your e-commerce company.

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