Shipping Products from Turkey to America – Shipping Costs?

Shipping Products from Turkey to America – Shipping Costs?

ProShipUs assists a wide range of customers, from small companies sending products a few times a year to larger companies sending containers every month, in meeting their warehouse needs. It also helps with import and export from Turkey to America. Here’s everything you need to know about the transportation processes when exporting products from Turkey.

Typically, when small businesses start, they send small quantities of samples or small batch orders. In such cases, the best way to send small shipments out of Turkey is through small packages.


Fast and Affordable Option- International Express


For shipments under 100 kg, the best option is to send products with international shipping companies. Although the cost of this type of transportation is significantly higher than sea freight, it is the only economical way to transport small packages. Small businesses usually start with small-scale production sent by air to test the market when they want to bring an idea to life. International express services like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and Turkish Cargo are the most suitable solutions for such shipments.


An important point to keep in mind when using international express services is to calculate the cost based on the dimensional weight (length * width * height / 6000). If you send a product with a lot of empty space, the cost may be much higher than the actual weight of the product. So, when researching products, it becomes crucial to consider this.


Amazon FBA Shipments + UPS Delivery to Destination


Most Economical Way for Shipments Over 100 kg


When exporting from Turkey and having a shipment over 100 kg, consolidated sea transportation is a good choice at a competitive cost for small quantities of goods. This is a good option for companies that consistently order a product in very low quantities. These quantities are too low to be sent as Less than Container Load (LCL), but too expensive to be sent via express air freight. Using Amazon FBA shipments is the best solution in this case.


Suitable for Cargo Over 500 kg – Fast Air Transportation


Air transportation for large shipments is cheaper than express cargo but slower. It is crucial to have a minimum of 500 kg or a larger shipment size. When sending cargo by air, a shipping company needs to arrange the shipment from airport to airport. When the cargo arrives at the destination airport, your shipping company should assist in picking it up and arranging customs procedures.

Sea Shipments (LCL) – Less Than Container Load


When your cargo is over 2+ m2, LCL sea transportation becomes the most economical way. Sea transportation is not logical for very small quantities because loading and unloading containers at ports and high fixed costs for customs procedures are involved. Sea transportation is usually arranged from port to port, so it’s essential for your carrier to arrange transportation from the port to your final destination. Selecting ports closer to your final destination is important as sea shipping is generally cheaper than sending goods by land.


Sea Transportation (FCL) – Full Container Load


Transporting a full container load by sea will be the cheapest way to send goods from Turkey or any country. The basic capacities of the three most common containers are listed below:

20GP: 5 tons, 26CBM

40GP: 22 tons, 54CBM

40HQ: 22 tons, 68CBM

Shipping with a full container load follows the same process as LCL shipments.

If you want to send products from Turkey or any country to America, ProNetwork’s recommended method of transportation would be your choice.

Contact us immediately and allow us to manage the process. Get in touch with us and start trading with America.

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