Start Selling in America

Start Selling in America

To achieve success in e-commerce sales, you need proper storage, a system-based sales approach, and the right sales channels. As e-commerce success in Turkey continues to grow, brands that sell products are looking to expand internationally. One of the largest markets abroad is the United States, with a trade volume of $4.6 trillion in 2021 and total imports recorded at $2.85 trillion. Would you like to establish your presence in this vast market? If you want to earn through e-commerce sales and expand into the United States with its 330 million population, you can get the right storage services by contacting PROShipUS. Contact us today to get detailed information and take advantage of free storage for sellers with over 2000 monthly shipments.

PROShipUS’s warehouse in Miami provides services to hundreds of businesses that engage in trade every year. What sets PROShipUS apart from other warehouses is its software-based warehouse management systems, which empower them to store and ship larger volume products day by day. The most significant feature that distinguishes PROShipUS from other warehouses is our developed software that allows inventory management, packaging, return management, customer shipping, and the management of seasonal campaigns for products sold on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart. Additionally, PROShipUS, being an authorized Walmart warehouse, offers sales opportunities on Walmart and intermediary warehousing services to its users. If you want to send products to Amazon, you can easily deliver these shipments to Amazon by taking advantage of PROShipUS’s warehouse services before sending FBA products. You can start selling on Amazon. By working with the PROShipUS warehouse, which offers these privileges, you can grow your business, expand your e-commerce volume, and easily sell the products you produce in Turkey or import from different countries to the United States. The essential features a warehouse should have are a system-based software management, inventory tracking, and the flawless delivery of your products to your customers. In this regard, PROShipUS, with its logistics network, can provide much more cost-effective shipments, ensuring that you receive much lower shipping costs than the contracted American cargo companies such as FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service. You can send your shipments securely and completely to your customers from our warehouse through economical means.

The much lower storage prices compared to similar warehouses will be valid until the end of the year. Don’t be late for Black Friday. Start selling today. Expand to the world’s largest market. Get your exclusive offer today to take advantage of free storage and favorable pricing. Whether you have 100 products or just one, there are no restrictions on working with PROShipUS. You can increase your success by selling any product in any state in the United States and on any online platform using our storage services.

To receive a very special offer we will create for you, you can contact us via WhatsApp or fill out the form on our website. For any questions that come to mind, you can contact our America office. Our authorized team will answer all your questions.

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