The Effect of Warehouse Service on E-Commerce

The Effect of Warehouse Service on E-Commerce


The dominance of e-commerce, combined with the ever-increasing needs of businesses, allows for an increasingly greater need for storage. Custom warehousing services range from short-term projects to in-depth projects designed to improve customer experience and simplify your brand’s supply chain strategy.

If you’re wondering how Proshipus can make a big difference in your business, read on to learn more.

Entrust your Value Added services to Proshipus.

Turn your products into a perfect sales experience with good packaging.

Enjoy software-based storage with remote management, all data at your fingertips.

Cost savings, get much more advantageous prices than individual pricing with Contracted Cargo companies.

Efficiency and sustainability: Achieve more efficient operations and long-term sales when you work with an expert warehouse.

Benefit from Value-Added Services that Will Make Your Brand Stand Out. What’s in it for you?


There are two main benefits to working with a storage company:


  • Efficiency – Offering more than just picking, packaging and shipping, Pronetwork helps your business reduce overall operating cost, improve supply chain strategy and streamline e-commerce sales processes.


  • Increased customer satisfaction – Incorporating some nuance into the fulfillment of your order promotes trust, positive impressions and a better customer experience.


Competition is tough in the e-commerce world, so your business needs to stand out. Earning your customers’ trust is crucial, and this can be achieved through the finer details of order fulfillment and product delivery.

Value-added services in warehouses include special distribution, private labeling, and delivery, to name a few.


Highlight Your Brand


Unboxing is one of the e-commerce trends you should take advantage of. You can make unpacking a more personal experience. But how? This is where Proshipus customizes your satisfaction comes into play. By taking advantage of our special packaging service, you can ensure that the brand on your product is visible to customers who open the box. You can also personalize the box. Moreover, you can choose the branded tape on the outside of the box or opt for environmentally friendly packaging.


Do you want your packaging to stand out from your competitors? All you need to survive the competition is a warehousing expertise that offers a full range of e-commerce services.


Cost Savings: Enjoy discounted shipping rates


Although value-added services may cost you extra, they can save you money in the long run. Storage companies work with contracted cargo companies and benefit from more affordable prices because they make large shipments. For example, Proshipus warehouses work with world-renowned Shipping companies such as Fedex, DHL, United States Postal Service. It offers you affordable prices and saves money on logistics.

If your goods don’t need to be moved from an assembly center to a warehouse for postponement work and then to the fulfillment center for packaging and shipping, you can cut costs on shipping fees by taking advantage of your warehousing service’s agreements. Simply put, by reducing the movement of your goods you can enjoy cost savings in the long run.



Real-time visibility: Access data at your fingertips


By consolidating under a single fulfillment partner, you can benefit from a more integrated operation and better visibility into every stage of the process. With software-based storage management, the entire process is under your fingertips in a single program.


Software Based storage means in ecommerce you can:

  • Plan more fluidly for busy seasons
  • Monitor trends that can help forecast and growth strategies
  • Detect problems earlier and design the right solution


For example, if you are receiving returned products or customer complaints, your Proshipus storage partner who manages your value-added services will be able to provide data showing disruptions and how they can be resolved.


Faster turnaround: Speed up order processing


A full-range warehousing service offering a flexible supply chain ensures that your deliveries arrive cost-effectively and accurately. Working with the right partners in the supply chain ensures fast delivery of orders and you can focus on future orders. Our storage software, which provides remote management, offers the processes from the moment you receive the order to the moment it is processed in the warehouse, delivery planning and delivery to your customer.


Flexibility: Survive the competition


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused changes in multiple supply chains. One of the valuable lessons learned during the pandemic period was to see that it was easier to use storage services in the regions you opened for sale for a faster delivery.

Partnering with a reputable warehousing company streamlines your operations in the United States, and our services enable you to quickly respond to supply shortages, customer demands and other operational challenges. What’s more, Proshipus’s customizable fulfillment solutions can help you scale and grow your business.


Increased customer satisfaction: Packing your products well


Customer satisfaction can only be achieved by fulfilling every aspect of quality. Today, when we look at e-commerce sites, you can find comments such as “it was very well packaged”, “it arrived very protected from cargo”, “thank you for the quality packaging”. A well-packaged product wins customers’ trust and loyalty. Moreover, it carries marketing potential to provide them with a premium unboxing experience. With a reliable 3PL partner by your side, you can work with a business partner who will manage all aspects of warehousing, inventory management, and packaging services on your behalf. Experience the full range of storage services with ProShipus, Pronetwork’s warehouse in America. When you partner with ProShipUs’ Miami warehouse, you can benefit from a range of services including inventory management, order processing, shipping and delivery, returns processing and customer support. These services are designed to help you provide a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience for your customers.


Entrust your value-added storage services to Proshipus


Value-added services offer your business great potential for growth and scalability. Now that you’ve discovered their benefits, it’s time to take the first step in implementing them in your fulfillment operations.

Our expert team can assist you in every aspect. You can benefit from 3 months free storage service for accurate pricing and large shipments.

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