The Secret to Doing Business in America: Proper Storage

The Secret to Doing Business in America: Proper Storage

If you have a successful e-commerce journey, perhaps it’s time to expand internationally. The increasing sales in your country (Europe, Middle East,Asia and other countries) might be a sign for you to tap into the global market. Today, we suggest a formula that can enhance your sales with better profit margins. Trade in the American market shows an annual growth rate of over two times compared to previous years. With the rising consumer habits, selling online becomes more advantageous. Consequently, e-commerce websites and those selling products online can achieve significant profits. So, your products are selling well in your country, and you’ve decided to send them to America. What do you need to do after this stage? This is where ProshipUS comes into play.

You send your products to our warehouse in America, and as soon as your products arrive at our warehouse, they are registered in our data with our warehouse management system, which has a special software. You are given a user code and password, and after you open the sale, you can see when your products were delivered, how many of your products are left in stock, your inventory, and any returns through this software. All that’s left for you is to list your products for sale on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Walmart, Shopify, etc. We can either send your products from our warehouse to your customers, or act as an intermediary warehouse to send them to Amazon’s and Walmart’s warehouses.

In both cases, you need ProshipUs. Let us take care of your logistics and storage operations in our warehouse located in Miami Doral, Florida, USA, so that your products reach your customers quickly and seamlessly while you multiply your success.

Our warehouse customers have started with 1-2 pallets of products and quickly grown to sending products by container to the warehouse. If you trust your products and believe that they will sell in America, and if you need an intermediary warehouse to enter Amazon, you can choose ProshipUs. We have a team that speaks English, and we have an open team ready to support and help you with any difficulties you may have in doing business in America. Safely store your products in our warehouses and supply them to your customers seamlessly. If you need an intermediary warehouse service to ship to Amazon, you can use our intermediary warehouse service. With ProshipUs, you save time, have low costs, and get a warehouse with state-of-the-art infrastructure. E-commerce is moving towards success in America with ProshipUs. Get a quote now and take advantage of 3 months of free storage for your high-volume shipments.

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