Warehouse Services That Will Increase Your Success in E-Commerce

Warehouse Services That Will Increase Your Success in E-Commerce


We support you in preparing your products properly for Amazon, which is the first step in selling on Amazon in America. As ProshipUS, we do not charge a warehouse fee for the first 90 days for your high volume shipments.

If you need to ship your products to Amazon headquarters, you can get a free FBA freight quote by contacting us.

It is very important that you send your products to the correct Amazon warehouse address. ProshipUS provides shipping from Turkey to all Amazon FBA warehouses in the USA. With the offer you will receive from our contracted cargo companies, sending your products to our warehouse in America will be less costly and faster.


E-commerce is a wide network, you must ensure that your products are delivered to your customers as soon as possible, completely and carefully. The FBA program was a real breakthrough and turned Amazon into an e-commerce giant.


Here, ProshipUs Miami warehouse splits your shipments by sending your goods to Amazon warehouses to optimize logistics and shorten your delivery times.

Amazon does not publish the addresses of its fulfillment centers, which is why you need an intermediate warehouse to streamline your preparation process.

With our warehouse software, we offer a system that collects all the processes of our customers who conduct e-commerce through different channels on the same platform. Thanks to our storage and logistics management being connected to software, you can track your products and orders in our warehouse from anywhere in the world. Our warehouse software has an important place in our intermediate warehouse and fullfillment warehouse services. ProshipUS software covers the process from the first stage of your orders to preparation for packaging and delivery to your customer. It facilitates communication between our warehouse and our customers. While ProshipUs software facilitates storage management, it allows you to generate sales reports, manage returns and track your inventory thanks to its easy tracking. Software-based e-commerce warehouse lightens your load in every sense. ProshipUs software, which gathers all e-commerce under one roof, offers our customers a storage system that plays an active role in sales planning. The sales and delivery stages of your products are managed regularly with ProshipUs software, which carefully monitors the operational processes that occur during and after sales.


The most important issue that creates the success of e-commerce sales is logistics service. In ProshipUs’ warehouse located in Miami Doral region, logistics services are provided to all states of America, Canada and other countries with our contracted cargoes at special prices. ProshipUs provides savings in terms of both cost and time by facilitating your e-commerce business with our warehouse management software, and ensures regular stock and product management. ProshipUs, which facilitates the cost balance by accelerating the processes of your products after they are within the scope of logistics, delivers your products to the right address at the desired time in orders placed via e-commerce.

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