World-Leading Center in Global Trade and Global Logistics

World-Leading Center in Global Trade  and Global Logistics

Many forces are coming together to make ProshipUs Warehouse center important for companies that need to reach consumers in America.

America is considered one of the best logistics centers in the world by the World Bank. More than 25 of the world’s largest logistics companies each have operations in America. A big reason for this is that America has a much larger population than other countries, making purchasing habits very variable.

Other reasons why America is known as an extremely productive trading center:


  • Business friendly government on trade
  • High rapid consumption
  • America is a consumption-heavy country, which is one of the biggest reasons for companies to sell their goods quickly to global customers.
  • While the world’s largest clothing and other consumer goods brands are marketed to the world from America, the American market also purchases products from many different countries.
  • Storage services are also quite developed in America. Adopting software-based warehouse management, ProShipUs set out to provide a perfect service to its customers. With more than 10 years of storage experience, we as ProShipUs stand by your trade, from the smallest box to your largest shipments.

To support your anticipated increase in business volume in the United States, your company will definitely need a network that will support effective intra-American warehousing, logistics and management. An intermediate storage center in America perhaps offers the best path to this goal.

We provide access to new markets for US-based e-commerce companies through logistics companies where we have an affordable price advantage.

Indirect shipments from other countries slow down supply chains and increase the amount of inventory companies must carry. So when you manage orders from your country, it will be much more costly.

ProshipUs Warehouse Serves Various Distribution Needs

Companies can choose ProShipUs for several different functions, not just E-commerce.

  • Delivering component parts from outside the region to American factories
  • Storing finished goods from within the region and then redistributing them within and outside the region
  • Buying and storing e-commerce products and sending them to consumers in America

One of the things that many companies expect from their logistics warehouse partners in America is the provision of suitable warehouse conditions. ProshipUs warehouses, which also offer temperature and humidity control, are also used by high-tech manufacturers looking for a clean, temperature-controlled warehouse that offers enhanced security for high-value products. The fact that our warehouse is a few kilometers away from the Port of Miami creates an additional advantage.

ProShipUs American operation is an example of how it is moving towards high value-added logistics services that provide customized and end-to-end solutions for companies.

Are You Considering Getting Service from ProShipUs Storage Center ?

Owning an interim warehouse and storage center in America may be the competitive advantage you need in the future. If you want to experience this option, ProshipUs has the storage, logistics infrastructure and market knowledge that will get you ready to work faster in America. Contact us now and we will provide you with a special offer.

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